Due to COVID-19, we are closing the public reference room until further notice. Members of the public who have questions about information available from the public reference room should contact the staff at library@sec.gov or at (202) 551-5450. Public comments received on rulemaking and other matters are available on the Commission’s website at http://www.sec.gov.

How to Access Information or Help

If you have questions and inquiries relating to the SEC, to federal securities laws or investments, your inquiry should be submitted via this Questions and Feedback form. Click here for Fast Answers.

Information about contacting the SEC can be found here.

For any complaint relating to your investment or investment professional, you can submit your complaint with our Complaint form.  See our Investor Bulletin to learn more about investor complaints.

How to Access or Request Filings and Other Records

Company Filings

The SEC database for company filings, which includes quarterly and annual reports, registration statements for IPOs and other offerings, insider trading reports, and proxy materials, can be obtained in electronic form by using the SEC’s EDGAR system.  You can learn more about using EDGAR here.

Other Records

Public statements, proposed and final rules, enforcement actions, educational materials, special reports and studies, speeches, testimony and other SEC documents can also be obtained in electronic form by using the online SEC search feature or the attached links:




News & Public Statements

Certified Records

To order electronic certified copies of EDGAR filings in PDF format, click here.

To order EDGAR (paper filings) and Non-EDGAR certified records or documents, click here .

If you have questions or inquiries regarding the status of your request, please email certified@sec.gov , or call  (202) 551-7230.

Turnaround Time

Receipt of your request will be acknowledged within one (1) business day. Requests are processed in the order in which they are received.

How to Access or Request Records Not Accessible via SEC Website

For public records not posted on the Internet (usually dated prior to 1996) including SEC records and documents, historic SEC filings, special reports and studies, speeches, and testimony you may use any of the following three methods:

Use our Request Records form

Send a fax to: (202) 772-9337

Submit a written request to:
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Office of FOIA/PA Operations
100 F Street N.E.
Washington, DC 20549-2736

Request Instructions

To request records not located on the SEC website, a written request is submitted which should include a mailing address and daytime telephone number in order to contact you should questions arise. Each request for information or copies should clearly describe the information sought with respect to complete name, date, subject matter, type of document, file number, or any other specific information which will assist us in identifying the information you are requesting. This enables us to ensure that the correct documents are located and provided as quickly as possible.

Only one subject should be included per request, i.e., multiple filings by one company may be requested in one letter; however, filings by multiple companies should be broken into separate requests.

Your written request should indicate a willingness to pay the search and reproduction cost for paper or electronic document production or provide a dollar amount you are willing to pay. See Schedule of Fees for Records Services here.

Should questions arise about making a request, you may call 202-551-7900.

Each request will receive an acknowledgement letter. A response should be provided within 20 working days. If additional time is needed, you will be contacted. Requests for voluminous records may take several months to fulfill and requestors may prefer to use a securities research service.

Senior Agency Official (SAO) – Records Management

Barry Walters
Office of Support Operations

SEC Records Officer

Curt Francisco