This page is for service members and their families. The information below can help you make informed saving and investing decisions and avoid common scams. You can also learn how SEC staff can help service members at your installation.

Getting Started

You can build wealth by saving and investing over a long period of time. The earlier you start, the easier it is for your money to work for you through compounding. 

Investing During Your Service

One of the best ways to begin building wealth during your service is to take advantage of the TSP. The fees are low, there are tax benefits, you get matching money if you are under the BRS, and you can take it with you when you leave the military. 

Protecting Your Money

Be on the lookout for investment fraud. Make sure any investment professional you use is registered, and don’t fall for scams promising high interest or no risk.

Saving and Investing for Military Personnel

Click below for printer-quality PDFs of our Financial Readiness: Saving and Investing for Military Personnel bulletin, Financial Readiness Brochure and Military Lump Sum Bulletin.  To order free brochures for your installation (in 100-count boxes), send a request to


Saving and Investing for Military Personnel  > Financial Readiness: Saving and Investing for Military PersonnelBulletin

Making the Most of Military Benefits and Lump Sum Payouts

Service members or dependents may receive one-time lump sum payments for injuries, loss of life, insurance, or lawsuit proceeds. Read our Investor Bulletin to learn how you can ensure they provide a long-term benefit for your family. 

SEC Support of Installations

The SEC is a member of the Department of Defense’s Financial Readiness Network and supports installations.