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Use these resources to help your patrons find investing information.


Glossary LibrarianFind answers to your patrons’ investing questions’s glossary has a wealth of reliable information on investing topics from Account fees to Zero coupon bonds. Each page explains an investing term or concept in plain language and provides access to more detailed information, including our latest Investor Alerts and Bulletins. 

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Librarian CalculatorProvide access to tools and calculators that can promote informed investing decisions has one of the most popular compound interest calculators on the web, a required minimum distribution calculator updated for 2022, and a wide range of other free financial planning tools, including a savings goal calculator. 

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Librarian EdgarRaise awareness on how to research public companies

Companies that offer stocks, bonds, or other securities for sale to the public must provide information to investors periodically. The SEC’s EDGAR database provides free public access to this information.     

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Librarian InvestmentHelp your patrons protect their money

Checking out the background of an investment professional is a great first step your patrons can take to protect their money. They can use the search tool on to learn about an investment professional’s background, registration status and more.

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To schedule a free financial literacy program for your patrons or to order SEC investor education brochures, contact the nearest SEC regional office or email