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As a teacher, you have the ability to reach students when they are beginning to understand finances. Help them to establish a sound financial footing and put them on a path to develop their wealth.

We have developed this “In the Classroom” material just for you. You’ll find:

The best time for students to learn about money is when they’re young. The importance of financial education cannot be overstated. Many adults experience financial hardship because they never were taught about saving and investing. Here is some information to help you introduce students to basic saving and investing concepts and the importance of planning for their financial future.

Please browse the following key topics and suggested activities:

Why save and invest?
Credit management
How to save and invest
Risk and return
What is diversification?
Take our simple interactive quiz to test your investment savvy
Elementary School Students Quiz
Middle School Quiz

We’ve only covered the basics, and there’s a lot more to learn about saving and investing, but you’ll be learning as you go. We look forward to hearing from you and welcome any suggestions for additional information you would like to see included on this website.