Why save and invest?

Students need to understand that they are responsible for their own wealth. No one is going to care about their financial well-being as much as they do. Maybe your students would like to: buy a car, pay for college or graduate school expenses, save for special occasions or emergencies, or buy a house someday. Once they decide why they are saving - and when they need the funds - students can decide how to save and invest.

Suggested student activities

  • Have students develop a chart of their financial goals.
    • Why do they want to save? How much will they need? By when?
  • Have students chart their monthly income - even if it is just allowance - and their monthly expenses.
    • How much money do they get each month?
    • Where do they currently spend their money?
    • How much, if anything, are they saving?
  • Have students chart their savings.
    • Where will they keep their savings?
    • Will their savings earn interest?
    • See "Rule of 72."