Teachers . . . we invite you to use the HoweyTrade Investment Program Classroom Activity to educate students about how to spot and avoid investment scams. Check out our videos, turnkey presentation, teacher’s guide, worksheet, quiz, and more! 

HoweyTrade Investment Program “Mock” Video

There are a lot of fraudulent investment promotions – like the fake HoweyTrade Program – trying to con everyone. That is why the SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy created a mock video showing investors what real scams can look like.

The HoweyTrade Investment Program Explained

You may want to have students watch the full “mock” video above before watching the educational video. The HoweyTrade Investment Program Explained is our “reveal” video. It uses clips from the mock video to educate students about common red flags of investment fraud. Teachers who plan to spend an entire class or more on HoweyTrade should consider using the presentation and other materials listed below.


This turnkey, interactive presentation contains more than 30 slides with a recommended script for each slide in the notes section. At the conclusion of the presentation, there are three HoweyTrade-related activities for students.  


This one pager can be used with the presentation or by itself. It contains a section for notes relating to the presentation and polling question on the front side, and an investing quiz and matching game on the back.

Teacher’s Guide

This step-by-step guide for teachers is perfect for teachers who would like to use the HoweyTrade Investment Classroom Activity for a full class or more. No background knowledge in investing or personal finance is necessary. 

HoweyTrade Investing Quiz

This is an online version of the HoweyTrade investing quiz on the worksheet. Students can test their knowledge of fraudulent investment promotions with this 10-question quiz. Note: we publish a new investing quiz every month! 

To invite OIEA staff to present to your students, email Outreach@sec.gov

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