Crypto Assets

You should know that those who are offering crypto asset investments or services may not be in compliance with applicable law, including federal securities laws.  These investments also can be speculative, risky, and volatile.  If you are considering an investment opportunity involving crypto assets, you may be wondering if it is legal, if it is right for you, or even whether it might be a scam.  We urge you to be cautious in considering whether crypto asset investments are appropriate for you.

Here are some resources to help you better understand these complex topics:


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Thinking About Buying the Latest New Cryptocurrency or Token?

Read our Director’s Take article to learn about investing in crypto assets.

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Celebrity Endorsements

Be cautious with celebrity endorsements of investment products.  Watch this video to learn more.

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SEC Crypto Assets and Cyber Enforcement Actions

Learn about actions involving crypto assets that the SEC’s Division of Enforcement has brought.


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