Transcript for Welcome Video from Chairman Schapiro

Mary Shapiro, Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission is the video's speaker. The video is of her seated at a desk in front of the SEC seal and welcoming visitors to the website.

The content of the video is as follows:

Hi, I'm Mary Shapiro, Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. I'd like to welcome you to This investor-focused educational website offers a wealth of information on how to be a smarter investor. And we've put that information in a user-friendly format. Times have changed since I was last at the SEC in the early 1990s. Back then, most of the information we provided was on paper. Now, investing information is available from thousands of online resources - some good, some not so good. Through, we're adding our own online voice to provide investors with unbiased and factual investing information. But effective investor education is not "one size fits all." It depends on where you are in your life. That's why has a section for those just getting started, for those saving for a child's education, and for those planning for retirement. The site also provides quite a bit of information for seniors. You can also visit our "Tools" section, where you'll find resources that can help you analyze your current holdings or even check the background of a registered financial professional. There is also a section for investor alerts, as well as links to many other online investor information resources. Finally, we recognize that the internet is a two-way street. On, you can quickly and easily find the right people to contact at the SEC if you have an investment question or a problem. I hope that you find this site to be helpful. We will work hard to add useful content and tools and welcome your suggestions. Enjoy your visit.