A line graph that shows the relative yields on debt over a range of maturities from three months to 30 years. Investors, analysts and economists use yield curves to evaluate bond markets and interest...
An institution, usually a bank, designated by the issuer as the custodian of funds and official representative of bondholders.
Provide their opinion on the creditworthiness of a corporate or government borrower by issuing a grade, or credit rating, on bonds issued by that borrower.
A feature of a bond that denotes the amount of interest due and the date that the payment will be made.
A long-term bond with a set interest rate.
The ratio of the interest rate payable on a bond to the actual market price of the bond, stated as a percentage. For example, a bond with a current market price of $1,000 that pays $80 per year would...
The dollar amount of interest paid to an investor. The amount is calculated by multiplying the interest of the bond by its face value.
A corporate bond that can be exchanged for a specific number of shares of the company's stock, usually common stock. In most cases, the holder of the convertible bond determines whether and when a...
The interest rate on a bond. It is expressed as a semi-annual rate.
An unsecured bond backed solely by the general credit of a company.