Red Flags of Investment Fraud Checklist

Can you spot the warning signs of investment fraud?

Protect your investments by watching out for these red flags:

small red flag Unlicensed investment professionals

small red flag Aggressive sellers who may provide exaggerated or false credentials

small red flag Offers that sound “too good to be true”

small red flag "Risk-free" investment opportunities

small red flag Promises of great wealth and guaranteed returns

small red flag “Everyone is buying it” pitches

small red flag Pressure to invest right now

small red flag Over-the-top, sensational pitches that may have fake testimonials

small red flag Unsolicited pitches seeking to obtain your personal information

small red flag Asked to pay for investments by credit card, gift card,
    or wiring money abroad or to a personal account

Three ways to avoid fraud:

small blue flag Ask questions

small blue flag Research every investment opportunity thoroughly
    before you  invest

small blue flag Conduct a background check on any investment
    professional at

Download Checklist (PDF)