Public Service Campaign

Watch our new Straight Talk from the SEC video and check out all of our Before You Invest, campaign materials.

Straight Talk: From the SEC

The SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy recently launched a public service campaign focused on helping individuals protect themselves from investment fraud. Examples of materials from the Before You Invest, campaign are available below.


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Confessional – Daniel

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Dealing With Investment Pro


“Defrauded” (:30) — Script: presents, “Tales from a Fraudster.”  I’ve cleaned out people’s retirement savings.  Spent their annual bonuses.  I once bought myself a boat with this kid’s college fund.  Defrauding people is easy.  I just look them in the eye and say things like: I’ve saved this last unit for you. I can guarantee huge returns on this.  And then, I smile.  At that point their money might as well be mine.  Protect you money.  Find out if you’re dealing with a registered investment professional at  Before you invest,